With Atmanirbhar Bharat Now is the Time for Technologically Advanced India: Bharat Forge President & CEO

Aero India 2021

By PK Ghosh

Bengaluru. “We have seen a lot of Indian technological experts making strides and joining various organisations and institutions of repute world over, but with Atmanirbhar Bharat now is the time for a technologically advanced India,” says Bharat Forge President and CEO, Defence & Aerospace, Rajinder Singh Bhatia in an exclusive interview to Raksha Anirveda on the sidelines of Aero India 2021.

He said, the country has seen Indians being offered to join the technologically advanced organisations and tech giants across the world be it US’ DARPA or the other. Very recently an Indian-origin person has been named as NASA COO. Therefore, with having been tremendous potential, it is now time for India to become one among the technologically advanced nations.

“A lot of support being given by the Government via the route of Atmanirbhar Bharat but there is a dichotomy that we are still dependent on other nations for our requirements in defence and aerospace. However, we are among the top nations on some of the strategic sectors like nuclear, space, etc. Atmanirbhar Bharat can provide similar opportunity in defence and aerospace sector,” the Bharat Forge CEO said.

He was also of the opinion that Atmanirbhar Bharat should be implemented in absolute Letter and the Spirit. If there is any dilution, the result will obviously be different.

The way the Government and the country are gung ho and the significant opportunity being provided by Atmanirbhar Bharat, there will certainly be altogether a different scenario in next few years. With the overall tremendous potential India is having, it can become a net exporter of defence and aerospace equipment and platforms in few years, observed Bhatia.

Not only this, India can be a leader in terms of domestic production as well as exports of defence and aerospace platforms, he said.

Speaking on exports of defence equipment to foreign countries, he opined that there is a much broader scope and India first should go with those friendly foreign countries where there is an Indian Line of Credit. That apart, India can tap the defence products exploitation in other countries as well, Bhatia added.

Asked whether company is looking for some major strategic tie-ups in near future, Bharat Forge CEO said: “Yes there is a larger scope and with the opening of second set of market we are hopeful for a large number of collaborations in general and Bharat Forge in particular. But firstly providing the equipment to our own armed forces is the key.”

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