Wedded to Olive Greens

After being wedded to Olive Greens for last 36 years though I was from civil background, there must be certainly something good in it that’s why our next generation also decided to join the Defence Forces including only son and my daughter also marrying an army officer by choice

Army Day Feature

By Neera Singh


To be born to Defence Forces parents and live like a princess is divine but to marry a Defence Forces officer and live like a queen thereafter is a considered decision, which every girl should make.  If you want your prince charming to come on a black horse and propose to you as every girl dreams of, Army Officer is your perfect choice.

I can say that with certainty after being wedded to Olive Greens for last 36 years, though I was from civil background, there must be certainly something good in it that’s why our next generation also decided to join the Defence Forces including   only son and my daughter also marrying an army officer by choice.

I wish to highlight the following strong points in support of this decision-

  • Utmost Respect: The respect and pride a young bride gets in Defence is unparalleled. All officers salute the lady wife even if her husband is junior. The gentlemen will always get up and greet the lady irrespective of rank and age. Ladies are always served first even before the VIP guest. The list is endless but simply put it- she is treated like a queen by husband and all other officers.
  • Quality of Life: The quality of life that she enjoys in Defence is many times more than the status that her peer group can even think of. Please think about the following:

    • Cantts are well maintained oasis, consisting of all high class facilities within its premises. It’s envy of all civilians and called lungs of the city because of greenery maintained inside cantts.
    • Cantonment living in Secure and Safe environment.
    • High-end fully furnished house as per rank and status.
    • Excellent medical facilities for whole family, absolutely free with preference to officers and their families.
    • Good standard schools like Army, Air Force and Navy Public Schools for wards. Premier Institutes for higher education.
    • Access to high grade clubs, royal Officers Messes, exclusive Cinema Halls and abundance of class recreation facilities.
    • State-of-the-art sports facilities like swimming pools, gyms and golf courses at subsidized rates, which are at high premium in civil.
    • Entitled rations adequate for whole family.
    • CSD and other subsidised facilities.
    • 80 days leave to husband with LTC every year to visit any place in India.

Financial Freedom: Once you marry a defence person, it’s financial freedom for life. There is adequate pay for living a decent life and all needs, though it’s never enough for your greed. Sufficient pension for lifetime after retirement and also family pension to the wife, after demise of husband. In case of unfortunate demise of husband on duty, the lady gets full pay till the retirement age of her husband.

Career Opportunities:A large number of girls today pursues higher studies after marriage and also take up a career. Though transferable job, but WFH and education jobs provide ample opportunities to pursue your academic goals and career dreams. I completed my graduation, post graduation, B.Ed., MBA and MSC (Human Nutrition) after my marriage.

Empowerment The lady wife plays an important role in the life of Army Officers. She gets adequate role empowerment to do social service through Army Wives Welfare Organisation and organising station welfare activities for families. Life is eventful and adventurous, with never a dull moment.

Challenges Like any other role or family life, there are challenges like separation from husband, frequent transfers and shifting, bringing up children almost alone and often non-availability of husband’s time because of his commitment to the Nation. These challenges make you strong, independent and more proficient person. The lady forgets all the hardships when the husband comes home after six months, gives her a JAADU KI JHAPPI and says-“Main Hun Na.”



–The writer is an Educationist, Nutrition Consultant and Relationship Counselor and spouse of a Major General rank officer in Indian Army. She has been Honorary Chairperson of many Army Wives Welfare Organizations (AWWO) and headed Marital Discord Committee of Army Southern Command. Views expressed are personal and do not necessarily reflect the views of Raksha Anirveda


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