US Military Nearing 1,000 Confirmed COVID Cases


Washington: Within a month since the first American service member, a South Korea-based soldier, tested positive for Coronavirus, the country’s military is nearing 1,000 confirmed cases.

More than 400 active duty, National Guard and Reserve troops were diagnosed this week, according to the latest Defense Department data. Four deaths were also reported this week, including two civilians, a New Jersey National Guardsman and a contractor, bringing the toll to six.

Service members’ rate of infection has risen to 466-per-million, while the general US population rate has ballooned to 651-per-million. The Department of Defense (DoD) death rate has also risen, from 0.2 per cent to 0.3 per cent as against the overall 2.1 per cent rate in the US.

Saankhya Lab

Currently, there are 905 troops with COVID-19, as well as 73 more who have recovered. The number stands at 395 for civilians, with 11 recovered; 244 dependents, with 12 recovered; and 106 contractors, two of whom have recovered.

Of 978 total positives since late February, 353 are soldiers ― 76 of them Guardsmen ― as well as 322 sailors, 73 Marines and 230 airmen.

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