US Congressman Supports Strategic Relationship with India

Foreign Affairs

New Delhi: India found a strong supporter of Indo-US strategic relationship in American Congressman Francis Rooney (Republican from Florida) who said that this would counter terrorism and balance China.

Delivering remarks on the floor of the House on November 20, Rooney said, “I rise today to recognise the critical relationship with our ally India. I recently had the great pleasure of sitting down with Indian ambassador to the United States Harsh Vardhan Shringla to discuss the critical issues facing India and the importance of the bilateral relationship between India and the United States.”

“India faces many regional and geopolitical threats. Islamic insurgents are a constant threat, spreading terror throughout Jammu and Kashmir and elsewhere in India. We should support the government in Delhi in the continued fight against terror,” Rooney noted.

“India also faces an increasingly aggressive and assertive China that continues to export its malign influence throughout the Indo-Pacific region. China’s behaviour is destabilising India’s near and abroad, saddling its neighbours with unpayable debts, as was the case with the port project in Hambantota, Sri Lanka. India is also on constant alert with a hostile and unstable nuclear-armed state to their West–Pakistan.”

“India is a critical trading partner with the United States. India accounts for about three per cent of the United States’ world trade, which continues to grow year after year. Likewise, the United States is India’s second largest trading partner–accounting 16 per cent of India’s exports. We must continue to work towards strengthening our trade relationship with India, increasing bilateral foreign direct investment, and consider the negotiation of a free trade agreement,” the Congressmen said in support of trade deal.

“Most importantly, India and the United States share the same values. As the two largest democracies in the world, our countries respect freedom and human dignity. It is then no surprise that the population of Indian-Americans grew by 38 per cent between 2010 and 2017.

Going forward, our relationship with India will only grow in importance. By sharing the same values, we inherently share similar interests and concerns. We must continue working together to confront dangers abroad, strengthen our economic relationship, and advance the cause of freedom and democracy around the world.”

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