Trump Suggests US Troop Levels in Afghanistan Could be Cut in Half by Election Day

Foreign Affairs

Washington: President Donald Trump said he expects US troop strength in Afghanistan could be under 5,000 by Election Day in November and called America’s involvement in the Middle East “the single biggest mistake in the history of our country” in an interview with Axios released on August 3 night.

US military forces have already dropped by more than 3,000 personnel this year, bringing the American military footprint to about 8,500 troops, around the same level as when Trump took office in 2017.

When pressed if that force level represented a real change in strategy in the region — where US forces have been deployed for nearly 19 years — Trump said that he expected the troop levels to drop by half “very soon.”

When asked what the levels would be on Election Day in November, Trump said he expected “between 4,000 and 5,000″ troops there.

Last month, House lawmakers in a bipartisan vote approved limits on the administration’s power to reduce the US troops numbers in Afghanistan below 8,000 without meeting clear security benchmarks first. That measure still must be approved by the Senate.

Critics of the ongoing war have countered that the United States has remained in the region well past any useful mission, and that Trump should not leave American troops there indefinitely.

Trump has alternated between the two sides, repeatedly pledging to end US involvement in the war but also agreeing to military plus-ups in the region during the course of his presidency. As many as 14,000 US troops have been deployed to the region in recent years, after former President Obama reduced that force size to under 9,000 by the end of his term.

In the interview, Trump brushed off assertions that he hasn’t done enough to end the war in Afghanistan, saying that his administration has been tougher on terrorist groups than any other.

“We took out ISIS in Syria,” he said. “When I took over, it was totally rampant, ISIS was all over the place. We took them out, we captured them, we killed them …

“I’ve done things that no other president has done. We should have never been in the Middle East. To get into the Middle East was the single biggest mistake made in the history of our country.”

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