Re-Imaging Kashmir 2030

I am Azadi Khan. It is 2030. A lot has changed in the past decade. Ladakh has made great progress. Jammu has prospered. Kashmir has regressed. It has now gone […]

The Jihad Of U Turn Khan

Any resemblance to living beings is intentional I am back from a great US trip! Everyone in Packistan loves me after my incisive short speech at the UNGA. I could […]


Towards Greener Pastures In Kashmir Post 370

This is an extension of my earlier article THE ROAD BEYOND 370 ( Taliban Khan’s “Jihad” on India has united Pakistan as never before. They have wished away all […]

Leadership By U Turn

I was popularly known as Taliban Khan. I used to be very critical of Americans and their Af-Pak Policy. I felt that we were becoming a Chinese colony due to […]

Army Focusing on Indigenous Equipment in J&K

New Delhi. With Pakistan resorting to more than 2,050 uprovoked ceasefire violations killing 21 Indians, the Army is focusing on reducing dependence on imported equipment such as weapon systems and […]

IAF gets Spice-2000 Bombs

New Delhi. Indian Air Force (IAF) got a major boost to its fire power when it received the ‘building blaster’ version of the Balakot air strike-fame Spice-2000 bombs at the […]

Indian Options to Thwart Pakistan – Post 370

This is a follow up of my earlier articles Post abrogation of  Article 370 – The Road Beyond 370 and Shape of Things to Come From Pakistan Post 370  A thought for all Indians […]

P R Shankar

Political Resurrection of the Last Bastion

The Contrast In 1971 India was a poor country with strong and modern Armed Forces. Pakistan’s peremptory airstrike was shot out of the air. In the next two weeks, we […]