The Huawei Horse Trojanning India

The Trojan Horse The Achaeans battered their heads against the walls of Troy and were continuously repulsed for a decade. The breakthrough came when they used the Trojan Horse to […]


The Chinese military buildup is the most expansive seen since WW2 with the Chinese wanting to build the strongest military on earth. Weapon systems and capabilities being developed are awesome. […]

IAF, Oman Air Force Carry Out Joint Exercise

New Delhi: For the first time Indian Air Force (IAF) MiG-29 UPG (Upgrade) aircraft exercised along with Royal Air Force Oman’s (RAFO) advanced trainer aircraft `Hawk’ of the UK based […]

DRDO Signs 30 Agreements on Technology Transfer

New Delhi. Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has signed 30 licensing agreements for Transfer of Technology (ToT) with 16 Indian companies, including three start-ups, at Vibrant Goa Global Expo […]