Pentagon Evaluating Request of Unnamed Gulf States to Deploy Two Israel-made Iron Dome on Their Soil

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Tel Aviv. The Pentagon is evaluating an urgent request from some unnamed gulf states to deploy two Israeli made Iron Dome air defence system on their soil. This is to answer urgent operational needs.

Israel has approved the urgent deployment request.

This unexpected request comes after Saudi Arabia and the UAE began to evaluate the possible purchase of the Israel-made Iron Dome air defence systems.

This is to be prepared for more attacks by the Houthi rebels, Iran’s proxy in the region.

As reported by Raksha Anirveda according to Israeli sources Washington has been informed about this intention, while pointing to the failure of the Saudi air defense systems to foil the major attack on the Saudi Arabia oil facilities.

On September 14, 2019, different types of drones and missiles were used to attack the State owned Saudi Aramco oil processing facilities. The attack was performed by the Houthi rebels in Yemen operating under direct orders from Tehran.

Israeli sources say that the recent US withdrawal of its Patriot anti-missile defense batteries from Saudi Arabia, opened the way for the deployment of other air defense systems in the Kingdom.

An Israeli defense source, who talked on condition of anonymity, said that if the UAE and Saudi Arabia will decide to purchase the Israeli systems, the deal will be with Rafael’s American partner, Raytheon. “This of course will have to get the approval of the Israeli Ministry of Defense,” the source said.

Israeli sources said on January 24 that if the US deploys its Iron Dome systems in the unnamed Gulf states, they will be deployed by US service men.

-The writer is an Israel-based freelance journalist


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