Oracle Opens Highly Secure Underground Cloud Region, First Cloud Facility in Israel

Defence Industry


Tel Aviv: The first cloud facility in Israel based in an underground highly secure facility was opened to ensure continued operation in war. Continuing its support to the Israeli organizations with enterprise cloud services, Oracle announced the opening of a new, highly secure underground cloud region in Jerusalem on October 13. Oracle is the first global cloud provider to open a cloud region in the country. This cloud region will offer all Oracle Cloud services, including Oracle Autonomous Database, Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes, and Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications.

Oracle’s new cloud region is based in a reinforced underground facility to provide the highest levels of security against physical attacks, such as missile strikes. The Oracle Cloud Israel Region is built on OCI, so customers can run all Oracle Cloud services in the region and benefit from the superior security capabilities provided by OCI’s network design and built-in security features.

“Companies and government entities need to move to cloud quickly, and Oracle’s new underground cloud region in Jerusalem makes that possible,” said Oracle CEO Safra Catz.  “This Oracle Cloud region will bring all the cost, performance and security benefits of Oracle Cloud to the State of Israel today, not next month or next year.”

As the first global cloud vendor to have an operational cloud region in the country, Oracle will work with the Israeli government to help it further understand the benefits that cloud can provide to Israel and how cloud can help deliver better services to citizens across the country.

Oracle also announced its plans for a second underground cloud region in the country. The second region will form part of Oracle’s unique dual-region strategy and will provide customers with even stronger business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities, as well as ensuring that all their data remains within Israel.

“Oracle’s plans to open a second cloud region is demonstrative of our continued commitment to the State of Israel,” said Eran Feigenbaum, country manager, Oracle Israel. “We worked to provide Israel with the first cloud from any major cloud vendor and now we are planning a second region, which will enable more customers to benefit from the complete set of cloud services Oracle offers and improve disaster recovery.”

The opening of the new cloud region will allow existing customers to benefit from OCI’s unmatched performance, scalability, and cost-savings.  Customers will also have access to the full suite of Oracle Cloud Applications, as well as Oracle Autonomous Database, giving them the opportunity and choice to create the architecture that best suits their business needs.