NCC Volunteers Cadets for National Duty to Fight COVID-19


New Delhi: National Cadet Corps (NCC) has offered a helping hand to civilian authorities in the country’s fight against COVID-19 by extending the services of cadets under ‘Exercise NCC Yogdan’.

It has issued guidelines for temporary employment of its cadets to augment relief efforts and functioning of various agencies involved in battling the pandemic.

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The tasks envisaged for NCC cadets include, manning of helpline and call centres, distribution of relief materials, medicines, food, essential commodities, community assistance, data management and queue and traffic management.

According to the guidelines, cadets should not be employed in handling of law and order situation or for active military duties or at hot spots.

Only Senior Division volunteer cadets above 18 years of age will be employed. They should be employed in small cohesive groups of eight to 20 under the supervision of Permanent Instructor Staff or an Associate NCC Officer.

For employment of volunteer cadets, State governments and district administration have to send the requisition through State NCC Directorates. The details will be coordinated at Directorate or Group Headquarters or Unit level with state government and local civil authority. Before the cadets are deployed for the duty, ground conditions and laid down requirements are to be ensured.

The NCC, which operates under Ministry of Defence, is the largest uniformed youth organisation of the country and has been engaged in conducting various social service and community development activities.

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