Modi’s Rule and India’s Unbound Opportunities: Narrative of the Substantives and Beyond

Book Review

Shibdas Bhattacharjee in his recently published Book, “Modi’s Rule and India’s Unbound Opportunities: Narrative of the Substantives and Beyond” outlines manifold Opportunities evolved in India and the performance of Modi-led government in availing those opportunities. Along with others, this Book makes a detail analysis of government’s economic policy, foreign policy, strategic agenda and other relevant issues.

Economy becoming a prime election issue in 2014 has been termed as unprecedented in the democratic history of India. So also, the drastic steps taken in the form of demonetisation, GST, reform of Banking sector, FDI, have been critically analysed with the criterion of prevailing ground reality of India considering the issues like jobs, poverty elimination, expansion of earning sources, farmers, workers, unorganised labourers, unprivileged section and overall economic health of the country.

This gives a paint-picture of dismal economic state of the country on the ground contrary to the tall claims made through highlighting GDP growth, report of the IMF and others.

Similarly, this Book showcases what substantives India has achieved from the foreign policy and strategic agenda in the real sense from the marathon foreign visits of PM Modi. The author rightly points out that India under the rule of Prime Minister Modi has not succeeded in formulating an effective policy regarding China and Pakistan.

The author shows how this failure has affected India’s strategic interests within the region and impacted internal and border security of the country. However, the author hails the developments like India building strategic partnership with other nations. Price of this Book published by Overseas Press India, New Delhi is Rs. 1995.00.

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