Israel’s Way of Fighting Covid-19 Using Intelligence Systems Developed by Defense Industry

Israel Employs Military-Driven Intelligence and Surveillance Technology to Curb the Pandemic

Defence Industry

Tel Aviv. SIBAT, the Directorate for International Defense Cooperation within Israel’s Ministry of Defense (IMOD), introduced its partners to new technological solutions developed by Israeli defense companies that address a variety of needs that arise in the fight against COVID-19.

“To win the fight against COVID-19, Israel has employed the latest technologies and brightest minds,” says Brig. Gen. (Res.) Yair Kulas, SIBAT’s Director. “Israel’s defense industries have harnessed the most advanced technologies developed for military use, successfully turning them into information and surveillance systems, and solutions for wide-scale healthcare management and readiness for emergency response on both the national and municipal levels. Together, the MOD and Israel’s defense industries have created new tools that enable the nation to sustain as normal a life as possible while fighting the pandemic.”

“Sophisticated AI algorithms, voice analytics, genuine emotion detection, GPS, data mining, and satellite earth-imagery are just a few of the cutting-edge systems developed by Israel’s defense companies, delivering bespoke solutions to address evolving COVID-19 challenges,” Kulas says.


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