Israel’s Israir Airlines Plans to Begin Direct Flights from Tel Aviv to Abu Dhabi

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Tel Aviv. Israeli airlines are expecting good business on the new routes to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Israeli aerospace companies also expect maintenance work of passenger airlines operated by some Gulf States.

Israeli airline Israir Airlines, commonly known as Israir plans to begin offering direct flights from Ben Gurion Airport to Abu Dhabi next month.

The airline said it would begin operating the flights immediately, pending final approval from Israeli and Emirati authorities. No exact date for launching the route was given, though several reports have speculated that the direct line would start next month.

Israir will operate the flight with the airline’s Airbus 320 for flight duration of just three and a half hours. The development came after Saudi Arabia and Bahrain approved the flight to use their airspace.

One-way tickets will go on sale for US$299 and a four-day vacation package including lodging at a five-star hotel will cost just US$699, the airline said.

“There is no doubt we can expect great demand for Abu Dhabi flights,” said Israir President Uri Sirkis.

Israeli companies that offer maintenance work for aircraft like Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) also expect work as a result of the normalisation agreements with the UAE and Bahrain.

-The writer is an Israel-based freelance journalist

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