INS Visakhapatnam, India’s First Stealth Guided-Missile Destroyer Commissioned

Indian Navy

Mumbai: Seen as a symbol of the growing maritime prowess of the country and achievement of a major milestone in the field of defence manufacturing, INS Visakhapatnam was commissioned into Indian Navy on November 21, 2021 at Naval Dockyard, Mumbai.

With the induction of stealth guided-missile destroyer ship ‘Visakhapatnam’, Indian Navy’s firepower got a major boost. INS Visakhapatnam is amongst the largest destroyers constructed in India.

The induction ceremony took place in the presence of Minister of Defence Rajnath Singh along with top naval commanders in attendance.

Hailing INS Visakhapatnam as a major milestone in achieving Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of ‘Make in India, Make for the World’, the Defence Minister Singh defined the warship as one of the most technologically advanced guided missile destroyers in the world which will cater to the present and future requirements of the Armed Forces and the nation as a whole.

Speaking at the commissioning ceremony of the INS Visakhapatnam in Mumbai, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh said that it is the primary objective of the Indian Navy to keep Indo-Pacific secure.

“Indo-Pacific is a key route and it is important for the world economy. It is the primary objective of the Indian Navy to keep the route secure,” Singh said. “The entire world is increasing its Military power in coming years and expenditure on defence budget will increase. We have moved towards the development of an indigenous shipbuilding hub.”

“Out of 41 ships ordered by Indian Navy, 38 ships have been developed in India. It is the best example of indigenisation,” he added.

INS Visakhapatnam, a potent platform for maritime warfare is packed with an array of weapons and sensors, which include supersonic surface-to-surface and surface-to-air missiles, medium and short-range guns, anti-submarine rockets and advanced electronic warfare and communication suits. The ship is also equipped to fight under nuclear, biological and chemical (NBC) warfare conditions, an official said.

INS Visakhapatnam is the first stealth-guided missile destroyer ship of Project 15B and been constructed using indigenous steel DMR 249A. Amongst the largest destroyers constructed in India with an overall length of 163 metres and displacement of over 7400 tons, the warship is capable of undertaking multifarious task and missions spanning the full spectrum of maritime warfare. The ship has a significant indigenous content of approx. 75 per cent contributing towards Atmanirbhar Bharat.

Designed by the Indian Navy’s in-house organisation, the Directorate of Naval Design, and constructed by Mazagon Dock Limited, INS Visakhapatnam has the capability of embarking two integrated helicopters and boasts of a very high level of automation with sophisticated digital networks, combat management systems and integrated platform management systems.

INS Visakhapatnam will augment the Indian Navy’s mobility, reach and flexibility towards the accomplishment of its role and tasks considering the changing power dynamics in the Indian Ocean region.