Indian Army Works on the Principle of ABC; Keeps It Going Through Tough Time: General Naravane

Quality and not the quantity is the mantra of Indian Army whether it is for recruitment or the acquisition of defence equipment or anything else and that is what is called ‘the Bang for the Buck’, says Army Chief while addressing Army Day annual conference

Indian Army

By PK Ghosh

New Delhi. Indian Army works on the principle of ABC of an Alphabet and this keeps the forces of the Service going through the tough time, Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Manoj Mukund Naravane said addressing the Army Day annual press conference in New Delhi on January 11.

In Indian Army nomenclature, ABC stands for Allegiance, Belief and Consolidation. “When we talk of allegiance, allegiance is for the Army, for the Constitution of India. Allegiance is what should guide us in all our action, it should translate our action into core values of justice, equality and legality and safeguarding the integrity of the country,” General Naravane noted.

“We should have belief and faith in ourselves, our subordinates, our seniors and our way of governance and this principle of belief and faith keep us going when we pass through tough times.”

Indian Army is at the stage of transformation and the transformation is to consolidate the whole process of integration. It also needs a mid-way course correction so that the forces can move forward in the service of the nation. ‘I’ stands for integration, and integration and consolidation should happen within the Army as well as the Services.

Speaking on the occasion, the Army Chief said that the appointment of Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) and the creation of altogether a new Department of Military Affairs (DMA) is a big and bold step in the right direction.

“I am sure that the new appointment will be a great success in the integration and overview of the three services, and I assure you that all will be taken along in this process of integration,” General Naravane observed.

He also spoke of ‘T’ for training and said Indian Army is in need of a robust training. Training for future is imperative if there is need for a joint structure to work. Training is needed for future wars which are becoming network centric in today’s world scenario.

Delving on the next level of features enshrined in the Indian Army, the Army Chief said: “We also believe in P and Q. P stands for personnel and Q is quality. Personnel in uniform are our greatest strength. Not only the personnel, but their extended families, veterans and their families, veer naaris. With this we will also ensure that they get all facilities to live a respectable life.”

Quality and not the quantity is our mantra whether it is for recruitment or the acquisition of defence equipment and that is what is called ‘the Bang for the Buck’.

“We are undoubtedly second to none, which is build upon the strong foundations contributed by our predecessors. We make sure that we always get the best as far as the quality is concerned. We are future ready and able to meet whenever and whatever challenges are thrown to us,” the Army Chief said.

Answering a query on future threats and preparedness he said, “The Army has a long term integrated plan on all likely future threats which is being recalibrated as part of our acquisitions and modernisation. Delegation of financial powers is there in place, which has streamlined the process of acquisitions and modernisation up to the extent possible.”

Indian Army’s preparedness is much better now, in the area of capacity building roads are being constructed, ammunition is being acquired and with all such efforts it is balancing out so that to able to meet the threats.

On Indian Army not taking action against Pakistan for raising proxy war, he said Indian Army is a professional military force and is abide by international laws. “We never resolve to barbaric attacks and will deal appropriately when required.”

“Continuous monitoring and evaluation of threats and rebalancing and restructuring are taking place. Restructuring of Army HQs, mid-course training, fine tuning and integrated battle groups are a few strategies which we are working on and are going to be in place soon,” the Army Chief added.

Responding on the security situation in Jammu and Kashmir, he said Indian Army is cognizant enough on the security scenario of the newly created Union Territory. “We get full support of people and indeed very grateful to the locals. Government police are also very supportive in the restoration of peace in the UT. If a Parliament resolution wants, we will work to integrate the whole area.”

Indian Army has also short term strategies of counter insurgency (CI) and counter terrorism (CT) in store, and there are 63 units of Rashtriya Rifles (RR) and 43 units of Assam Rifles (AR) for such operations.

Commenting on a query, General Naravane said Indian Army is totally committed to Make in India. Out of 11 projects under Make in India, five to fructify soon. Modernisation and efficiency are being brought in. Industry needs to be policed.

On this occasion, the Army Chief also informed that the training for 100 female candidates has already been started on January 6 this year. He was responding to a question on Indian Army’s plan on inducting more female candidates under its ambit.

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