In the Wake of Sino-Indian Standoff, China Moves 6 Type-928D Assault Boats to Pangong Lake

Foreign Affairs

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New Delhi: Even as talks are on for disengagement between the Indian Army and the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, China is building up in the Pangong lake.

China has just moved six Type-928D assault boats to the lake. These are manufactured by Changzhou FRD Shipyard. Each boat can carry 10 soldiers with his weapons and ammunition. Naturally, it is an additional reason for concern for the Indian troops in the area. The boats are close to the Line of Actual Control, but of course, during the winter months, part of the lake freezes over.

The Chinese also have the larger Swedish made armed CB-90 assault boats that can take 20 soldiers along with a three-member crew.

The question is, of course: why to deploy them now. This is at a time when India is facing 50-60,000 Chinese soldiers, 300-400 tanks, artillery and air-defence weapons along the LAC.


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