IIT Roorkee Working with ISRO, DRDO to Develop Cutting edge Tech for Defence, Space Projects


Noida. As part of a move to have links with academic institutions for research and development in space and defence sector, IIT Roorkee is working with Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) to design and develop cutting edge technology for space and defence projects, officials said.

Researchers at the premier institute are working on “thin membrane-based technology” to develop parachutes for fighter aircraft and could be crucial in boosting indigenous production in the country, the officials added.

The information was shared during a seminar on “Inflatable Structures and Materials for Space Applications” held on November 7 at IIT Roorkee’s Greater Noida campus.

“If you look at foreign countries, they have excelled in defence technology and with permission of their government they are exporting their products, leading to the growth of their own economy,” said Director of DRDO’s Armament Research & Development Establishment (ARDE) Arun Kumar Saxena.

All fighter aircraft in the country have DRDO-made parachutes in them which help them reduce their landing run when brakes are applied and reduces pressure on tyres during landing, he said.

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Retired Group Director of ISRO Ahmedabad AC Mathur said inflatable technology can be a solution for complications faced when sending large structure projects in space, where the conditions are very different.

“A lot of private companies are working on this technology but if we succeed in it, we can supply the products to foreign countries also but for all this we need advanced industries and technology,” he added.

A lot of work is underway at IIT Roorkee, its Deputy Director M Parida said.

“Several researchers are working on thin membrane-based technology and it’s a continuing process. We have developed some technology and working on it further,” Parida said, but did not disclose details.

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