IDF-initiated Carmel Program on New Combat Vehicle Protection System at Advanced Stage

Foreign Affairs


Tel Aviv. Carmel program initiated by the Israeli ministry of defence is progressing. After the three major Israeli defense companies presented their proposals, the program is now getting to the next phase. The Rafael Trophy will be evaluated as the main active protection systems of the new combat vehicle of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

The entries of the three competitors point to the desired concept shaped by the IDF’s ground forces command.

This concept can be summed up in one sentence – give our combat vehicles capabilities that serve the new concept of fast moving ground forces equipped with multi sensors, multi weapon systems to achieve control of the battle ground quickly and decisively.

The development of the systems that will turn each combat vehicle into a real “war machine” has reached a stage where all the components have been developed and now the integration will be made on different types of combat vehicles.

The Israeli defense ministry is trying to bring the US and Indian Army to become partners on the program.

Sources say that the futuristic combat vehicle will be protected by and APS and the Trophy will be tested when the final configuration is frozen.

-The writer is an Israel-based freelance journalist

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