IAI Intends to Officially Offer Israeli Heron TP against US’ Predator

Defence Industry


Tel Aviv. Israel aerospace industries (IAI) has intended to officially offer its Heron TP UAV to India in a frontal competition with the US made Predator UAV.

India has indicated that it has great interest in the Predator B but has not initiated a competition or a selection process.

The Indian defence forces currently operate the IAI Heron-1 UAV. But now the operational requirements call for a bigger and more capable platform.

“When the Indian authorities issue an official request we will be ther to offer the Heron – TP,” an Israeli source said.
The IAI Heron TP is a multi-role, advanced, long range Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) for strategic missions. It is equipped with automatic taxi-takeoff and landing systems (ATOL), satellite communication (SATCOM) for extended range, fully redundant avionics and more.

The Heron TP was designed as a multi-mission platform to address local and international customers’ needs and to perform a variety of strategic missions, including intelligence gathering, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance, using various payloads, with a high level of reliability.

The Heron-TP is 14 metres long and has a wing span of 26 metres and a max t/o weight of 5670 kg. It can carry a payload weighing 2700 kg. Its maximum ceiling is 45,000 feet, max speed is 220 knots and endurance is 30 hours.

-The writer is an Israel-based freelance journalist


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