IAI Collaborates with Matrix to Co-develop AI, Machine Learning Solutions for Defense Systems

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Tel Aviv. Israel aerospace industries (IAI) continues the cooperation with Israeli civil high tech companies, in order to use their advanced technologies in its advanced military systems defense.

IAI signed an agreement with Matrix to establish a joint AI excellence center. The two companies will co-develop AI, machine learning (ML) and Big Data-driven solutions to be integrated into IAI’s satellite and space systems, defense and attack systems, missiles, homing heads, electro-optical payloads, and additional systems.

In the first stage, the development center will focus on AI-driven solutions for automated target detection on the future battlefield. The development center will seek to expand the capabilities and performance of existing systems and introduce innovative capabilities on automated systems.

IAI has been using AI capabilities in its various systems for many years. It will now leverage the development center to work with Matrix Defense on scaling existing capabilities and developing new ones. At the center both companies will create innovative analytic engines and enhanced battlefield capabilities. The joint teams will work with experts in specific fields such as satellites, missiles, strategic systems, and more, as well as content experts on AI, analytical engines, and big data.

In an age of big data, operational systems’ operators are grappling with information influx. Integrating operational scenarios and automated tools with high reliability will enhance the systems’ performance and provide a significant edge on the future battlefield.

Inbal Kreiss, Head of IAI’s Systems Missiles & Space Group Innovation Center, said: “The collaboration with Matrix Defense is part of the open innovation IAI promotes. The state-of-the art technologies we develop and implement provide the business lines technological value and increase the effectiveness of our advanced systems for our customers. Expanding the existing AI capabilities will enhance the performance on the future battlefield, making our systems significantly more robust.”

Speaking on the development, Head of AI Research at Matrix Defense Ron Barak said: “Over the years, Matrix has built a leading AI research center which emphasises deep learning. Matrix’s solutions are integrated into a broad range of information-generating channels and digital transformation, providing significant value to our civilian and defense customers. We believe that joining forces with IAI’s experts will enable the two companies to create breakthrough capabilities for IAI’s core activities.”

-The writer is an Israel-based freelance journalist


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