HSTPL: Another ‘Mr India’ in the Making, a Company of Perfect Stealth Signature Management Solutions

Hyper Stealth Technologies has been evolved as a unique signature management solutions providing company of the country as the start up claims, and the uniqueness of the solutions it provides is that it is adaptive in nature


By PK Ghosh

Sniper suit

New Delhi. “HSTPL is providing a variety of signature management solutions and adaptive coating is one of them. Adaptive in the sense, the coating is so uniquely developed that it immediately adopts the signatures of the surroundings it comes in contact with.” says Manish Dalmmia, Hyper Stealth Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (HSTPL) Managing Director and CEO.

“Apart from various solutions for our Indian Army jawans, we have stealth coating solutions which can be used for Indian UAV, UGV, Armoured Vehicles, Navy stealth frigates & Stealth aircraft.”

“Because of our in-house R&D programme and development of this unique technological solution within the country, HSTPL being a startup has marked its niche, and therefore was recognised and received ‘iDEX India Open Challenge Award’ in this year’s Aero India at the hands of Defence Minister Rajnath Singh, Defence Secretary Dr Ajay Kumar and others,”HSTPL CEO observed.

“Very few countries like Israel and US have such technology,and even may not……advanced solutions what HSTPL has, and we provide Signature Management solutions too and the uniqueness of the solution is that it is adaptive in nature,” Dalmmia said, adding that these solutions are multispectral and a force multiplier for the Indian Armed Forces.

Sniper suit

“For the last five to six years, since the time we have started our product development, we have been receiving lucrative offers from various defence R&D organisations in India and abroad to work with them. But our intent is of taking the country’s research and development in the field of stealth and camouflage on par with the world independently,” the HSTPL MD said.

“Our motto is to provide all the stealth technology solutions to the Indian Armed Forces first. Why giving others, why not our own forces first,” observes Manish Dalmmia, who is laced with patriotic fervour.


Citing a discussion during the “Startup Manthan” programme on thesidelines of Aero India 2021 in Bengaluru, he said he heard Defence Minister Rajnath Singh talking to Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) General Bipin Rawat and his ministry officials saying that the startups are doing well, therefore the grant the ministry is giving should be increased.

Tank painted good

“With the employment of indigenous technology and deployment of engineers from various streams, our company is striving to achieve high level of proficiency in developing, designing and manufacturing advanced Stealth Solutions for Defence Industry,” said Vedanssh Dalmia, Director,Marketing, HSTPL.

“Taking inspiration from Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s clarion call of ‘Make in India’ and now ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ we have started and been working on the journey to develop these advanced solutions which is absolutely Made in India and 100 per cent indigenous,” the HSTPL MD observed.

“We deal in Multi-spectral Camouflage Nets, Adaptive Sniper Suits,Sniper Tents, Anti-Thermal/Anti-IR Coatings and Radar Absorbing Material(for UAVs and Jet Fighters, Stealth Ships) and other such solutions under stealth signature management. Besides winning the Innovation for Defence Excellence (iDEX) startup challenge award for ‘Adaptive Stealth Coating Solutions,’ we also have received Certification from National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL), Bengaluru,” he said, noting “Our product and solutions are tested under stringent specifications of military camouflage requirement.”

On Government’s initiative that all future contracts below Rs 200 crores to be given to Indian companies, he complimented saying that it is indeed a good initiative taken recently which will help boost the MSME and startup sector in defence and aerospace in the country.

“We are for patriotism and an element of Indianness, we simply want hand holding by the users that is Indian Defence Forces, and it will indeed be a morale boosting once we start receiving the orders.”

Without delving into the details, he said, “Our signature managementsolutions have recently been used, and is proved up to the mark in delivering the results. Our specialised stealth solutions provide unsurpassed protection against advance tracing devices.” HSTPL’s fundamental principle is to achieve ‘Perfect Signature Management’ so that assets are unidentifiable by all modern surveillance and identification systems, Dalmmia noted.


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