First for an Israeli Company Rafael Receives A-international Credit Rating with Stable Horizon from S&P

Highest credit rating ever given to an Israeli company

Defence Industry

Tel Aviv. Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. (RADS) announced that its A- international credit rating has been ratified by S&P Global Rating company with a stable horizon.

The international A-ranking is the highest that an Israeli company has ever received, and indicates financial stability, managerial quality and technological achievements.

S&P examined Rafael’s financial, managerial and technological achievements in 2020, and decided to maintain the company’s AAA Israeli ranking, and an A-international ranking for the fourth year in a row.

As a basis for its decision, S&P has referred to Rafael’s excellent technological capabilities and the manufacturing of systems that surpass their competition. It also referred to Rafael’s position as a prime provider of defense systems which shares its knowledge and technology externally.

Rafael’s field-proven solutions are unique among their kind, and hold a strategic value for the State of Israel.

In the last few weeks, Rafael has reported that it has received a number of orders from international customers, including an order by an Asian nation in the amount of US$200 million for its SPICE air-to-surface munitions, Spike tactical missiles, and for its Bnet software-defined radio communication systems, meeting all of its financial goals for FY 2020.

Rafael’s President and CEO Yoav Har-Even, speaking on the development, said: “We are proud of the way we maintained our financial robustness and stability throughout this challenging and uncertain period. This will allow us to continue to be a growth engine, a major pillar in the security of the State of Israel and a trusted provider of the most high-end technology to our partners around the world.”


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