DSEI 2019: HENSOLDT’s to Display Sensor Solutions to Detect and Protect on Ground, in Air, at Sea

The Electro-Optical Targeting System EOTS II and the driver sight system SPECTUS II – to be seen here on a PUMA IFV - are among HENSOLDT’s main exhibits at DSEI 2019.

Defence Industry

London. Sensor solutions provider HENSOLDT is all set to present its broad range of sensor technologies in the Air, Sea, Land and Security domains at DSEi 2019 which is scheduled to be held in London from September 10-13.

For the first time, HENSOLDT would show its newly developed SETAS electro-optical situational awareness system for armoured vehicles in operation. For more information, please visit HENSOLDT stall at Excel London, booth no S3-200.

Alongside SETAS, HENSOLDT displays in the Land domain several advanced optronic systems such as laser rangefinders and designators, missile protection systems for tanks and a number of rifle scopes.

The Electro-Optical Targeting System EOTS II offers a choice of different day vision zoom cameras while the driver sight system SPECTUS II features a low light level TV camera (LLLTV) with unprecedented image quality. The vast capabilities of active and passive radar sensors are shown by the TRML-4D air defence radar and the Twinvis passive radar.

In the Air domain, HENSOLDT presents solutions for airborne ISR like its ARGOS-II HD multi-sensor system, the lightweight observation camera GOSHAWK-II and the PrecISR multifunction radar. Helicopters and widebody aircraft protects the Airborne Missile Protection Suite AMPS while the modular Kalaetron system provides warning against radar threats but can also be used for strategic Signals Intelligence in an enhanced configuration.

Also on display is HENSOLDT’s Mode 5-capable IFF portfolio together with avionics equipment such as crash recorders and tactical data links.

In the Sea domain, HENSOLDT features the TRS-4D naval radar system, which is at present being installed on the new German Navy frigates and the US Navy Littoral Combat Ship, multi-sensor optronic masts for submarines and the opto-electronic laser detection system COLDS NG. Security solutions are focusing on radar and optronic sensors feeding the CxEye command & control system and the VADR UAV capture drone.

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