Dronix Manages to Reduce Noise Signature in its New Version Hybrid UAV

Defence Industry

By Arie Egozi

Tel Aviv: Israeli company Dronix Engineering Ltd has managed to reduce the noise signature of its Hybrid drones by 40 %. This reduction is critical when drones are used for covert missions. The Israeli defence forces and many countries have expanded the use of different drones for security missions.

“The Hybrid powered drones has a longer endurance but the problem is the noise of the fuel two stoke engine. We managed to reduce the noise. It is still more noisy than an electric powered drone but the noise has been reduced by using special mufflers,” Asaf Shor, the company’s VP business development told Raksha Anirveda. The DR Hybrid is used by those companies and organizations who do not require quite approach for their missions.

The company reports growing demand for its DR 1200 drone in the full electric drones category. The newest version of its heavy duty all-purpose multirotor UAV has one of the best endurance performance in its category. Carrying a 5KG payload it achieves a 60 min flight time. The DR 1200 is designed for long range heavy payload oriented missions, being also very easy to transport as it can fold into a compact size and easy to deploy for use on the spot. The DR 1200 has a 60 Minutes flight time when carrying  5KG payload.

According to the company the DR1200 can carry a 8 kg payload. The version MTOW is 23 kg. Israeli companies and organizations who operate drones for civil and homeland security missions look for drones with a larger carrying capability and low/small signature. “The missions become more versatile and the larger payloads are required. Low noise is also very important especially when operating in an urban area,” a source in one such organization told Unmanned Airspace.

-The writer is an International Roving Correspondent of the publication