Detect & Protect Sensors for Naval Platforms

Indian Navy

HENSOLDT group core competence is to recognize threats and to protect End Users from them. We’ve been pursuing innovative ideas which translate into technologies for the protection of forces across the globe and into a successful business for over 125 years. HENSOLDT is present in Germany, France, South Africa and UK and having several global footprints including in India.

We believe that Indian naval force has been undergoing rapid technological transformation to meet the ever expanding need of naval superiority. HENSOLDT group reaffirm its commitment to support Indian Navy by offering state-of-the-art ‘Make-in-India’detect and protect sensors to improve the ISR, safety and operational effectiveness of NavalAirborne, Surface & Submarine platforms.

On the occasion of Navy day 2019, we wish to highlight our flagship products for Indian Navy’s upcoming platforms namely Airborne Missile Protection suite (AMPS), Maritime Patrol Radar (PrecISR 1000) and Periscope/ Optronics Masts.

Airborne Missile Protection Systems (AMPS) for Airborne Platforms

It is recognized that there is an ever increasing level of hostile threats to Aircraft and Helicopters in both military operational and civil scenarios globally. According to estimates there are more than 500,000 shoulder launched surface to air missiles, Man-Portable Air Defence Systems (MANPADS) on the international market and due to conflicts many of these systems are now in the possession of non-state organizations and Terrorists.

Even though a high percentage of aircraft losses in the most recent hostilities were caused by Infrared, Surface to-Air Missiles (IR SAMs), laser and radar threats are increasing in theatre of operations. To reliably detect and counter these, AMPS also provide laser and/or radar warning systems in order to guarantee the best possible protection.

Hensoldt’s self-protection systems are in operational use on more than 700 military and VIP platforms for various customers worldwide including in India.  We are proud to be Market leader for missile warning with9,000+ MILDS sensors delivered!

HENSOLDT’s Airborne Missile Protection Suite (AMPS) is modular, flexible, easy to install and cost effective solution for the customer.The modular system architecture makes it easy to customize the configuration for specific operational requirements by combining selected sub systems to deliver a desired effect.

The AMPS systems offer following operational advantages

  • Missile Approach Warning Systems (MILDS), which is based on 3rd generation UV technology, offers longer detection range and lowest False Alarm rate especially under Indian environmental conditions (hot and humid). The sensor has been fitted on Cheetah fleet (as part of DARE suite), completed field evaluation trials (FET) on F-16 as part MMRCA campaign (more than 10 Km detection range) and FET on Mi17 fleet. It is lighter, smaller in size/ volume and do not require cooling and hence has superior reliability and life cycle cost..
  • Laser warning system (ALTAS) detects laser range finders, laser targetdesignators and, with the additional beam rider channelsof ALTAS-2QB, also continues wave beam rider sources at long ranges
  • The fully digital, modular and scalable Radar Warning Receiver (Kalætron® product family) is especially designed for the challenging and dense electromagnetic environment of tomorrow. It provides superior performance for threat detection and reaction time starting from the antenna system until the generated digital output stream to cope with the new requirements for survival of platform and personnel in modern warfare scenarios. Such performance cannot be built on basis of old legacy analogue front end receiver solutions which are still offered by many providers of Radar Warning Receivers.


PrecISR™ Airborne Multi-Mission ISR Radar

In a complex world with unpredictable and constantly changing threats, having better information is the key to staying ahead and mitigating the threats.

PrecISR™, HENSOLDT’s family of airborne multi-mission surveillance radars offering high performance and compact design, is precisely the solution required to provide decision makers with this outstanding capability.

PrecISR™ comprises of the newest generation Radar leveraging gallium nitride AESA antenna technology with two dimensional e-scan capabilities, combined with large bandwidth multi-channel radar core electronics and integrated radar signal processing.

The modular design of the PrecISR™ antenna allows to readily provide scaled antenna sizes to fit different platforms.The PrecISR™ radar modes are software-defined with striking performance!

The Radar offer unmatched value proposition with respect to use of Advanced Technology (AESA, GaN, Multichannel Processing and Software defined Modes), Ease of Integration, High Reliability, Ease of Maintenance and optimized SwAP. The Radar is especially conditioned to meet hot humid and corrosive environment and can be installation without fuselage penetration.

Periscope and Optronics Masts for Submarine

With more than 100 years of experience in optical sensors for maritime applications, we are the global market leader in the conventional class of submarines with submarine periscopes and Optronics mast system.

Hensoldt Optronics today is capable of offering a complete range of periscopes and optronics masts to meet the requirements of modern submarines, and to enable them to meet the challenges of the future. With a range of Optronics mast systems (OMS) to complement traditional periscopes, the company is ideally placed to offer solutions for a wide range of submarines,

Our offerings includes Direct view, hull-penetrating periscopes of the SERO family integrating a broad variety of Optronics technologies, and, Non-hull penetrating optronics masts of the OMS family which are remote controlled from the CMS or a stand-alone console allowing to gain high quality image data at a very short exposure time. Further, SERO and OMS systems can be individually combined and customized to the navy’s requirements.

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