Sukhois Down Under: Targeting the PLA Navy

Basing the versatile and long-legged Sukhois armed with the air launched BrahMos in Thanjavur allows the Indian Air Force to strike at Chinese naval assets far out at sea. On […]

Defence Budget FY 2020-21: A Brief Analysis

Introduction Budgets come and budgets go whether they are interim budgets or annual budgets. The annual budget was presented to Parliament on February 1, 2020 by Union Finance Minister Nirmala […]

Artificial Intelligence and Futuristic Warfare

Artificial Intelligence is emerging as the most disruptive technology of the current era and is advancing exponentially. Defence forces across the globe are embedding AI into weapons and other systems […]

ISIS – Down, But not Out

Introduction: That a dreaded terrorist chief who ordered large-scale destruction of life and property and justified enslavement of people, all in the name of faith, will no longer be able […]

US-Iran Hostilities

In the Persian Gulf, the New Year began with a bang. On January 3, the world woke up to the news of killing of General Qassem Soleimani, commander of the […]

Al Qaeda Post Al-Baghdadi

Does the death of Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi sound the end of violent jihadist groups as was so triumphantly announced by US President Donald Trump? It does not appear so if […]

Let Them Take Flight

All major aerospace powers have possessed the capability to design airframes as well as power-plants and till such time that India can design and produce its own aero-engines, the performance […]

Is China An Emerging Naval Power in Indian Ocean?

With China focusing on increasing its naval strength and seeking to dominate the Indian Ocean Region (IOR) developing naval facilities in Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Pakistan along with planning to […]

The ‘P’ for Physics

Let’s start with that customary famous quote “Physics is Science, everything else is stamp collecting” – Rutherford Since all the engineering/technology is finally a subset of Physics, I believe the […]

India-Africa Strategic Ties: A Fresh Beginning

It is often said that the coming decades will be of Afro-Asian dominance in the global forum. Both the continents Asia and Africa emerging as important stakeholders in international affairs […]