US MDA, Boeing Complete Historic Missile Defense Test

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. The US Missile Defense Agency (US MDA) and Boeing for the first time launched two Ground-based Midcourse Defense system interceptors to destroy a threat-representative target, validating the fielded […]

Raytheon’s SPY-6 Aces Most Complex Test Yet

TEWKSBURY, Mass. Raytheon Company’s AN/SPY-6(V)1 air and missile defense radar completed its latest test, exceeding all performance requirements. In the most stressing test to date, the radar searched for, detected, […]

Successful First Launch for Marte ER Missile

MBDA’s Marte ER anti-ship missile has completed its first firing, successfully passing a major phase in its development. The firing trial was carried out on 9 November in an Italian […]

MBDA to Develop the Next Generation of the MICA Missile

THE FRENCH Defence Procurement Agency DGA (Direction Générale de l’Armement) has awarded MBDA the contract for the MICA NG (Missile d’Interception et de Combat Aérien Nouvelle Génération) programme to develop […]

First Missile Firing by Gripen E

GRIPEN E has successfully completed the first tests to verify the ability to release and launch external payloads. The tests took place in October 2018 at Vidsel Test Range in […]