Aiming Without Arming

India was a poor country in the decade prior to 1971. Two debilitating wars with China (1962) and Pakistan (1965), truant monsoons, high inflation, food shortages and imports  dominated headlines.  […]

Sino Indian Logjam: Aim Revisited

Please read in conjunction with these earlier articles to get a better overview – Sino Indian Logjam : Aim Gone Astray @ and A Plan to Retake Pak Occupied Kashmir @ A recent […]

The Hamas Factor

Nearly a century old Palestinian movement has its own kaleidoscope of internal dynamic, competition for power and legitimacy even if the sole object of their attention remains the Jewish state […]

Taiwan: The Second China

On April 12, 2021, an armada of eighteen J10/11 fighters, four H6K nuclear capable bombers, two Y8 antisubmarine and one airborne early warning aircraft of Red Air force intruded deep […]

The Collapsing Third Pole

Followup Reflections on  Governance by The Unelected @ The leadership mantra When the problem is ignored, The problem becomes the leader and, The leader becomes the problem …The WhatsApp University of […]