The Huawei Horse Trojanning India

The Trojan Horse The Achaeans battered their heads against the walls of Troy and were continuously repulsed for a decade. The breakthrough came when they used the Trojan Horse to […]

Military Lessons from a Stalemate

The US-Iran Spat in Brief On December 31, 2019, supporters of Iran backed militia attacked the US embassy in Baghdad. It was in retaliation to an US airstrike on a […]

War Waging Ways

The targeted killing of Maj Gen Soleimani through a drone attack has set the social media abuzz. However, this comment by one veteran was reflective of our situation. “See the […]

Guided Pinaka Missile

The Wider National Problem Beyond Pinaka

The Comment “Long range artillery aided with precision can be a suitable complement for air-power and lack of fighter sqns of the IAF. The precision and low cost should be […]

An Analysis of Aramco Attacks

The Aramco Attacks The outcomes. On September 14 this year at about 0400 hours, the Aramco oil refineries at Khurais and Abqaiq were attacked. The attacks were simultaneous in two […]

Non-Contact Conventional Deterrence

A cause of concern is that the capability enhancement in the area of conventional deterrence has not gained momentum even after the emerging threat levels posed by the neighbouring countries […]

Pakistan: An Army With(Out) The Nation!

It is said that a fish rots from its head This article may please be read in conjunction with my earlier articles to get a better understanding […]


The Chinese military buildup is the most expansive seen since WW2 with the Chinese wanting to build the strongest military on earth. Weapon systems and capabilities being developed are awesome. […]


Preamble This article has been motivated by “Imbalance of Power. India’s Military Choices in an Era of Strategic Competition with China” ( and “Do Generals Matter” ( and War is […]

Re-Imaging Kashmir 2030

I am Azadi Khan. It is 2030. A lot has changed in the past decade. Ladakh has made great progress. Jammu has prospered. Kashmir has regressed. It has now gone […]

A Jade Necklace for China

Reality Beyond the Summit With President Xi Jinping in Mamallapuram for an informal Summit with Prime Minister Narendra Modi it is time to take a realistic look at the Sino-Indian […]

The Jihad Of U Turn Khan

Any resemblance to living beings is intentional I am back from a great US trip! Everyone in Packistan loves me after my incisive short speech at the UNGA. I could […]