An Approach to the Af-Pak Region

The Af-Pak region has come into focus with the US-Taliban Deal. It is the start to the impending reduction and eventual exit of US forces from the region. This deal […]

The Virus Beyond Corona

The Corona Virus is dominating international headlines as it rightly should. However, India is grappling with another virus – the US/Taliban deal. Both these viruses have a bearing on the […]

India at Strategic Crossroads

The three pillars of hard power are the Economy, Diplomacy and Armed Forces. The Economy is in doldrums. The Diplomacy is enfeebled. The Armed Forces are aged. Overall, India needs […]

1/3rd Fauji Retirement at 58

India Today says that as per General Bipin Rawat, the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), the rise in budget outlay for pensions of armed forces personnel is “unsustainable” and three […]

The Huawei Horse Trojanning India

The Trojan Horse The Achaeans battered their heads against the walls of Troy and were continuously repulsed for a decade. The breakthrough came when they used the Trojan Horse to […]

Military Lessons from a Stalemate

The US-Iran Spat in Brief On December 31, 2019, supporters of Iran backed militia attacked the US embassy in Baghdad. It was in retaliation to an US airstrike on a […]

War Waging Ways

The targeted killing of Maj Gen Soleimani through a drone attack has set the social media abuzz. However, this comment by one veteran was reflective of our situation. “See the […]

Guided Pinaka Missile

The Wider National Problem Beyond Pinaka

The Comment “Long range artillery aided with precision can be a suitable complement for air-power and lack of fighter sqns of the IAF. The precision and low cost should be […]

An Analysis of Aramco Attacks

The Aramco Attacks The outcomes. On September 14 this year at about 0400 hours, the Aramco oil refineries at Khurais and Abqaiq were attacked. The attacks were simultaneous in two […]

Non-Contact Conventional Deterrence

A cause of concern is that the capability enhancement in the area of conventional deterrence has not gained momentum even after the emerging threat levels posed by the neighbouring countries […]