Capacity Building Remains One Significant Pillar of Cooperation Under ReCAAP Agreement: ICG ADG


New Delhi. Additional Director General Indian Coast Guard (ICG) VSR Murthy said the capacity building remains one of the most significant pillars of cooperation under the ReCAAP agreement and India has played a leading role in this aspect by hosting this workshop for a third time.

Mr Murthy along with Executive Director of ReCAAP ISC Masafumi Kuroki inaugurated a two-day 12th Capacity Building Workshop in New Delhi on June 19.

In his inaugural address the Mr Murthy recognised the efforts of ReCAAP ISC towards developing the cooperative framework to address the menace of piracy and armed robbery and facilitating information exchange between various stakeholders.

Executive Director of ReCAAP ISC Mr Kuroki in his opening remarks appreciated the steps taken by Indian agencies especially by ICG in ensuring safe and secure seas for the seafarers.

He also conveyed that information sharing is a shared responsibility of the governments and the shipping industry and the purpose of information sharing would be better served if it is accurate and shared in real time.

The workshop co-hosted by ICG and ReCAAP Information Sharing Centre was attended by officials of concerned ministries and members of the Diplomatic Corps. During the course of workshop, the participants will be trained on various issues related to piracy and armed robbery such as international laws, prosecution process, forensics and emerging threats.

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