The Coronation of the King

The Needle Points at China The Virus from Wuhan has shaken mankind. While everyone was probably expecting a life changing alien contact as depicted often by Hollywood, a viral protein […]

5G: Choice of India in Post West World Order

The world of AI, Autonomous Vehicles, Virtual Reality, Data Aware Networks, IoT, M2M, Tele-Medicine and Remote Surgery, Robotics, Future Networks and….. is a reality. 5G standards have been formulated by […]

Israel’s Make with India Strategy

By reinventing itself to changing situations, Israel has emerged as a critical player in the Make in India campaign of the government in the defence sector. Since the normalisation of […]

Army Modernisation: A Reality Check

India today lives in and is adjacent to some of the most troubled regions in the world. It faces many threats and challenges to its external and internal security, the […]