Pakistan: An Army With(Out) The Nation!

It is said that a fish rots from its head This article may please be read in conjunction with my earlier articles to get a better understanding […]

The Jihad Of U Turn Khan

Any resemblance to living beings is intentional I am back from a great US trip! Everyone in Packistan loves me after my incisive short speech at the UNGA. I could […]


Towards Greener Pastures In Kashmir Post 370

This is an extension of my earlier article THE ROAD BEYOND 370 ( Taliban Khan’s “Jihad” on India has united Pakistan as never before. They have wished away all […]


The Hormonal Imbalance

The young Pilot was standing next to his Alloutte Helicopter, morose at having been put down in the morning medical before flying. As he returned from the dispersal murmuring some […]


Response to Mr Nitin Pai’s Opinion on Politicisation of Armed Forces

Dear Mr Nitin Pai, I read with interest your opinion piece in The Print titled Don’t politicise Indian armed forces. Just look at what it did to our police ( I agree […]

P R Shankar

Political Resurrection of the Last Bastion

The Contrast In 1971 India was a poor country with strong and modern Armed Forces. Pakistan’s peremptory airstrike was shot out of the air. In the next two weeks, we […]

P R Shankar

Countering The Oncoming Chinese Onslaught

The second BRI Forum was recently held at Beijing (25-27 Apr 2019). In the first Forum, grandiose plans were announced and BRI took off like a tornado and suffered hiccups. […]

ASAT Operationalisation A Simplistic View By Lt Gen P R Shankar

This article may kindly be read with my earlier articles at links indicated below for a better understanding html:// Long back I had a course-mate to whom I was […]