21 Civilians Killed, 19 Injured in Army Firing Ranges, Lok Sabha Informed


New Delhi: A total of 21 civilians were killed and 19 injured in the Army firing ranges, Lok Sabha was told on December 11.

All the cases have been thoroughly investigated by the Army and it has been found that in all cases that accidents resulting in death or injury are because of civilians illegally entering the range during firing, without informing police, civil administration or army units. Therefore, the civilians are not liable to claim compensation.

All possible humanitarian assistance, however, is given by the Army to the injured or killed persons by means of first aid, shifting to the nearest hospital and assistance for conduct of last rites.

In reply to another question, Minister of State for Defence Shripad Naik said order has been placed for procurement of Anti-Tank Spike Missiles from Israel. A suitable number of Missiles and allied systems have been procured to meet operational requirement of the Indian Army.

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